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Dr Vigneshwari Subramanian


Palmer lab

(based in AstraZeneca in Sweden)

Accurate Permeability Prediction for New Modalities


Robert Cordina

PhD student

Tuttle Lab

Using Molecular Dynamics simulations to understand chocolate behaviour


Daniel Fowles

PhD student

Palmer lab

Towards First-Principles Calculation of Physicochemical Properties in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

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Alexander van Teijlingen

PhD student

Tuttle lab

Reducing peptide self-assembly search space via active machine learning of sample space.


Krystian Kolodziejczak

PhD student

Murphy and Tuttle labs

Elucidation of radical and single electron transfer mechanism via DFT

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Nathan Gittens

PhD student

Palmer lab

Probing protein structure, dynamics and interactions using biophysical, structural and computational approaches.


Rose McHardy

PhD student

Palmer lab

Artificial Intelligence in Computational Drug Discovery

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